My Wares

As those of you following the blog are no doubt aware, I was retrenched at the end of August- 10 days and whole lifetimes ago, it seems. Retrenchee’s new life is coming together, however.

My new boss is me. I make literary gifts, soon to be available to buy online in South Africa and in all good bookstores. While you will not be able to shop on the blog, have a look at what I’m doing. I’m so excited I could pop. I laugh all day at my own jokes and only very occasionally panic over how I’m going to pay for school fees in January. I’m hoping that if you like your boss and have a laugh on the job, things will pan out for you in the end! You can find me on Facebook here.

The full range: hand sanitiser, pencil gift sets, room sprays and cotton shoppers.



Room sprays for the well-read. Photo: Germaine De Larch Images


literary gifts

10 thoughts on “My Wares

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  2. Tolstoyboy shopping bags? Lady MacBeth’s Hand Sanitizer? Hemingway Room Spray? Oh, oh, oh. You need to sell in Seattle. We’re kind of goofy that way. This is seriously hilarious stuff. Great site, too.

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