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  1. Hi Tracy, Im a teacher doing a short story that takes place during the Anglo-Boer war and I am looking for images of the burnt farms of the scorched earth campaigns of the British. Can you help?

    • Hi there,

      There’s a new book out called ‘Onthou’. The text is all in Afrikaans and it is huge. It features over 200 photos of the war (a good few never before published). It looks at the struggle of women and children during the war. There were certainly a few photos of farms ablaze. It was over R600 at Exclusive Books in Centurion, and I haven’t bought it yet. The publisher’s e-mail address is: kraal@solidariteit.co.za. It is a hugely affecting book and some of the photos are simply heart-breaking.

      You could also try another book called ‘The Boer War Reporter’. I’m not sure how much this one had on the burning of the farms, but you might be interested in browsing through it.

      Hope this helps. If your story is going to be published online, send me a link. I would love to read it.


  2. Hi Tracy
    I just sent you a beer, but it was via 23thorns blog, so if you see him drinking two beers at once, do just grab one of them, because it’s meant for you.

    I am in a barn in France, being eaten alive by fierce insects that hang out near my computer. (They don’t go anywhere my husband’s computer.) Anyway, even the mosquito coil isn’t making much difference so I’ll close down now.

    I quite like history, but I like literature more. History is fine as long as you don’t think it has anything much to do with facts – and then it’s a story told by somebody – and then we are back with literature again.

    All the best

  3. Great, I’ll be waiting for your comments. I have the rock that La Buse carved into a “molded woman”, with me at home. On the reverse side of the rock there is a carving of the letter A. The rock was unearthed under his signature which was carved on a rock.

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