The Bez Valley Ghost House

I have written a blog! I have not fallen off the face of the earth, although I have fallen down the rabbit hole.

If you have forgotten in the very long time since my last blog here, I have another, for which I dress up like a bit of a fool for Rubbish Day Wednesdays.

“Rubbish Day this week is a little different. Well, it’s a lot different. For starters, it didn’t take place at home. I took my rubbish on the road to the home of my very dear friend and brave genius, photographer and artivist, Germaine De Larch and equally talented writer and journalist,Ang Lloyd. Ang and Germaine live in a suburb of Johannesburg called Bez Valley. And this is where Rubbish Day becomes even more different, because Bez Valley has an extraordinary history and one particularly dear to me as my mother was born in a house not two streets from Ang and Germaine’s. So today is a little bit of rubbish, a little bit of history, a mystery, a snake, a dead dog, a ghost house, and a whole lot of heartbreak and ache.….”

Go on, click the link. There’s more. There’s a ghost house of extraordinary beauty in it!

Road Trip Rubbish Day in The Valley.


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